How Can Buffalo Attorneys Lewis & Lewis Help?

Are your medical bills piling up from a personal injury? Are you worried about how you’re going to pay for them? Accidents are not easy to prepare for. Most people who have been in an accident are unable to afford their medical bills. Imagine if you could live without worry about how these bills will get paid.

How will I pay for my attorney?

The great thing about working with Lewis & Lewis is that we don’t get paid unless you do. If we win your case, we only take a percentage of the settlement. It’s a fair way for everyone to be protected throughout the process.

Can you Guarantee I will win my case?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee anything. Past outcomes of cases do not determine future outcomes. What we can promise you is that our attorneys go to great lengths to determine if someone has been negligent to our clients. If we feel like we can build a case for someone that’s been negligent against you, and it has resulted in your injury, we’ll pursue a claim to the fullest extent.

Lewis & Lewis has been pursuing personal injury cases in the Buffalo area for over 70 years. Since the 1940’s, we’ve been helping injured individuals and their families recoup damages stemming from injuries that weren’t even their fault. It’s no wonder why, year after year, Lewis & Lewis has been a top choice for thousands of clients.

If it sounds like you may need our help, please call us to discuss your situation immediately.