Divorce & Family Mediation


At Lewis & Lewis, we understand that when a marriage ends, there are many challenges spouses face in regards to finances, personal property, housing, child custody, and parenting. Mediation offers a confidential, lower cost, and faster route to resolve these issues than litigation. Our mediators are trained in helping spouses overcome communication challenges and focus on structuring their futures, rather than a judicial determination of separation terms. Spouses, with the assistance of our mediator, benefit from the freedom mediation allows by working to create a custom agreement that addresses unique situations and circumstances.

Mediation can often address issues such as: division of property, real estate, retirement assets, vehicles, family business, debts, insurance, and decisions regarding spousal and child support.

We can also work with spouses to facilitate a conversation regarding the parenting and upbringing of children such as concerns regarding schedules, holidays, custody, education, medical decisions, religious up-bringing, communication, and discipline.

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