Work Injury

Work Injury Attorney

A work injury attorney at Lewis & Lewis, P.C. can help you determine what benefits you are entitled to following an injury at work. In New York State, you cannot sue your employer or a co-employee for negligence, even if it results in an injury to you. You may, however, be able to sue a co-employee for an intentional tort, if the co-employee intentionally causes you to be injured. Furthermore, there may be another responsible party, other than your employer or a co-employee, whose negligence caused your injury. For example, in a workplace motor-vehicle accident, another driver may be negligent for causing an injury, or in a workplace construction site accident, a property owner or general contractor may be liable for failing to provide proper safety equipment. Our experienced attorneys can review the facts of your specific case to determine whether or not you have a viable lawsuit. Even if a claim cannot be commenced against another party for your workplace accident, our work injury attorneys can assist you in obtaining any workers’ compensation benefits you are due.


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